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Friday, June 17, 2011

Gas or Electric for Better Business?

With rising electricity and gas prices, it is becoming even harder for businesses to keep costs down and still make sure they can function correctly. Businesses have to function on power and electricity, but on the other hand it is also important for a business to balance costs and keep workers safe. By choosing carefully the best gas prices, businesses can not only save on costs but also operate efficiently.

Gas is integral for a business, but businesses need to keep in mind business gas prices. There are websites out there that compare the best business gas rates. There are other things businesses need to keep in mind when deciding on the best business gas rates. The first of these is to monitor the gas supplies in the area where their business operates. Secondly, price comparison websites and research to compare gas prices are widely available; an understanding of tariffs is desirable for a business. Thirdly, businesses need gas for heating, but heating can also waste gas and electricity if left on when not needed. The area required to be heated could be limited to save money.

Businesses obviously use larger amounts of gas because the scale of working conditions and the environment requires it. The building may already have a gas boiler on the premises and so therefore businesses will want to save costs and not fit a new boiler if money is particularly tight or if it is not considered essential. Especially high powered environment businesses such as restaurants would use gas in a number of varieties and would need to be aware just what the best deals on gas are.

Electricity can also have its functions for businesses. Businesses need to be aware of business electricity suppliers and look at price comparison websites to find the cheapest electricity supplier. They can then go back to worrying about sales and making a profit, rather than their electricity. Businesses should get several quotes as well to see if prices change within a set period of time. A common problem is that business electricity is wasted because a lot of things are left on. Simply switching computers and lights off at the end of the working day could save money. More so, price comparison websites can reduce cost per unit in terms of kilowatt hours, providing greater monitoring of business electricity prices.
There is also debate as to whether renewable sources would work. The problem with wind power is that only certain areas at present in the UK have wind farms and wind turbines, they are mostly found in coastal areas where you are likely to find less offices. Solar energy is not available in huge amounts for businesses. It would mean moving into premises where a certain direct focus of sunlight needs to shine on the office. Solar panels add to the additional costs of outfitting a business premises. This could be especially costly for small businesses, whose costs are delicate enough as it is.

If a business can acquire a dual fuel discount, using the same gas and electric supplier, then they would save money. It would allow the business to concentrate on other costs. But businesses do need to be aware of the better deals that comparison sites may offer them, and think carefully about how those costs can affect their businesses.


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