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Friday, June 17, 2011

How to Fix My Computer That Freezes for Free

Computer technicians often hear their clients saying "Fix my computer." This is often understandable as it is indeed part of their job. However, sometimes you do not need to hire their services just to cater to simple problems such as freezing. In truth, this problem is a warning sign that there is indeed something wrong with your system and you need to deal with it at once. Otherwise, it can lead to various complications such as crashing of your system. This is the worst that may happen as you could no longer access any of your files. Be the doctor of your own computer and be guided by the following tips.
Maximize the defragment tool. All the tools presented in your system are there for particular reasons. You may not find some of them as useful but there are ones that are essential. The defragment tool is like a first aid to a wound. It is essential that you do it at least twice a month in order to maintain the speed of your computer. When you launch a program, some of the information is stored into the hard drive. After awhile, it will accumulate and will require the windows to sort out the information every time. Defragmenting your files will address this issue.
Scan your disk for unnecessary components. There is always a possibility that your computer might be affected with viruses, adware, and spywares. You can obtain any or all of these three through plugging in infected removable storage devices such as flash disks, memory cards and others. You can also be infected with viruses when you visit unsecured websites. These unnecessary components can definitely corrupt all your files. You can use the system file checking tool if you do not have antivirus software installed in your computer. Through these tips, you would no longer need to say "Fix my computer" to anybody else.
Reinstall your operating system. If you have exhausted all these effort but your computer is still slow or freezes suddenly, you can do this as your last resort. This is quite laborious as you will need to reinstall everything including all the programs that you need. You would need various drivers such as internet, audio and video drivers. However, this will give you a big possibility that your computer will be fixed irrespective of the problem it has.
But before you do this, it would pay that you make sure that you have done everything you can and you have checked up your system thoroughly. Ensure that you have used up all the available tools in your computer. Check both the software and hardware to see if there is anything needs an upgrade. Also, you need to assess if you have the essential skills in order to pull off this stunt effectively. If you have hesitations, it will be best to consult a computer doctor. It would be better to tell him "Fix my computer" than to worsen the situation of your device.

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