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Friday, June 17, 2011

What Are Junk Files on the Computer?

After the computer is used for a period, you must have the feeling that it can't run as fast as the beginning, which is because in its hard disk, many junk files have been accumulated.
All the work you do with a computer, such as install and remove software or surf the internet, will leave junk files on the computer. And much hard disk space has been occupied by them so that the computer runs slower and slower.
Then what are junk files on the computer?
1. The Temporary File Which Is Produced When You Install a Software Application.
When a software application is installed, it will unzip its installation file to a temporary directory first, usually the temp directory under the folder of Windows. If the software is designed with some bugs or the operating system is not so perfect, temporary files will become junk files on the computer permanently. They often exist in the form of *.tem.
2. The Temporary File Which Is Produced by the Running Software.
The same with the installing process, some temporary swap files will be produced when software is running. The junk files left by some running software may even reach several hundred bits. For example, some backup files existing in the form of *.old and *.bak were produced by some programs and some produced by some anti-virus software or produced when system software check the disk.
3. Some Files Which Remain on Your Computer When You Uninstall the software.
When software is uninstalled, in the hard disk of the computer, many file folders and files existing in the form of *.dll will be remained which definitely will become junk files. Some green hands in operating the computer often uninstall the software by deleting the whole file folder, which will leave more junk files like *.ini and *.dll on the computer. Then in the registry, many discarded files were remained, which influences the system greatly.
4. The Temporary File Which Is Produced When You Surf the Internet.
When you surf the internet, the Explorer always download some html files on your computer. These files not only occupy the hard disk space but also disclose our personal privacy. Don't you think them annoying?
Then do you know how to remove all of these disgusting junk files to speed up your computer? As for me, I use the software of registry cleaner. Every time when I play on the computer, the registry cleaner program will run in the background. Now you can find many tools of this kind on the market.

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  1. Have used AVG protection for a couple of years, and I'd recommend this anti virus to everyone.


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